Wil Aime - Le Gendre Idéal

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Le Gendre Idéal / The Ideal Son-in-law
Écrit & réalisé par Wil Aime / Written & directed by Wil Aime
Produit par Chaque Détail Productions / Produced by Chaque Détail Productions

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Instagram : @wilaime
Twitter : @wilaime
Instagram Chaque Détail Productions : @chaquedetailproductions

Original soundtrack : James BKS
Additional music : James BKS
Audio post production : Grown Kid



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Deux autres nouvelles vidéos de Wil Aime sont disponibles :
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Two other new videos of Wil Aime are now available:
- THE FRIENDZONE 2 on: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=343...
- REBECCA on: https://chaquedetail.fr
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My French community financially supports me and it is thanks to them in part that I can propose more ambitious videos. So I created this Patreon page to also receive international support if you want to help. In any case, thanks for bringing me up there. I'm really delighted to see French content being watched all over the world. Love.


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