What is a Black Hole? - Stephen Hawking's final theory

~ The black hole information paradox and Soft Hair ~
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What does Stephen Hawking's last paper on black holes with soft hair say about the black hole information paradox?

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creator: dianna cowern
editing: dianna and eric birkemeier, and jabril ashe
animations: keegan larwin, kyle norby and dianna
research: sophia chen
writing: dianna cowern, sophia and dan walsh
script editing: dan abromowitz

Thanks to Andrew Strominger, Derek Muller and Kyle Kitzmiller!

Thanks to Matt Parker for the footage of the "flaming parabola of fire” - from Festival of the Spoken Nerd show "Just For Graphs” - fotsn.com/j4g - https://www.youtube.com/user/standupm...

Paper source: https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.01847
physics girl stephen hawking black holes information paradox quantum soft hair physics science black hole photo black hole theory black hole theori...
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