UNIQUE Vegetarian STREET FOOD Tour in Hyderabad | Live Soda + Ice Cream Dosa + Pav Bhaji Manchuria

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Even though the city of Hyderabad is more famous for its legendary quintessential non vegetarian wonders that are evidently more conspicuous in its culinary landscape, there is absolutely no dearth of delectable native or popular vegetarian delights in the city. So in this fun filled gastronomic sojourn we braced ourselves to gorge on some delicious vegetarian street side dishes that are widely popular among the locals. Our host, Sankalp Vishnu, a renowned food expert in the city, took us around the vibrant locality across P G Road, Sindhi colony, Secunderabad that is well known for a wide range of regional vegetarian street food offerings. Let’s get started.

Our first stop was Top and Tasty, where we tried the Indo chinese style Manchuria pav bhaji. This innovative take on the regular pav bhaji was indeed very delicious. The garlic,red chilli punch as imbibed from the manchurian style of cooking made the dish surprisingly indulgent.

The second stop was Shivaling Chaat corner where we tried a delicious serving of Hyderabadi style matar(yellow pea) chaat. This savoury and tangy playful dish was topped with sweetened curd, sev and sweet chutney. Unlike its North Indian counterparts, this chaat was served hot. Though that didn't diminish the fun.

The third joint that we stopped by was the Chachaji food cart where we got to taste a delicious Dabeli, a popular Gujarati snack. The perfectly balanced sweet and savoury flavour of the Dabeli was beautifully complemented by the super tasty peanut chutney. It’s a must try snack if you love the sweet notes in your dish.

The fourth place where we halted was a dosa kiosk named Dosa Verito,right outside the Mayur Pan shop. It boasts of 151 varieties of dosas. After much deliberation we settled for the macaroni pasta dosa and blueberry ice cream dosa. The former one was super cheesy and irresistible while the latter one was a truly luscious fusion treat.

Our fifth stop was Bombay chaat house where we tried the Hyderabadi version of the Mumbai special Vada Pav. The dry garlic chutney and the unusual garnish of chopped onions enhanced its taste.

From there we went on to our sixth stop, the Famous and Live Soda where we tried their best selling item the digest soda that is essentially soda mixed with a concentrate prepared with sugar and digestive spices like cumin ,rock salt etc. It was super refreshing and appeasing.

This delectable veg street food journey concluded with a Paan treat from the popular paan shop in the area the Dimmy’s Paan Place. Its was a perfect way to end this awesome exploration.

We confer our heartfelt thanks to Sankalp Bhai for introducing us to the best veg street food offerings.

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Text by Swetaleena Nayak
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