TOP 10 | BEST SAM SMITH Auditions in The Voice

these amazing talents of the voice all sang a wonderful song of sam smith in the blind auditions. sam's career started in 2012. two albums later he became an international icon in the music industry!

who would you pick as a winner? let us know in the comments.

🚨 this video features the following performances:
1. lachlan geraghty - “lay me down”
2. jason james dy - “stay with me”
3. ignatious carmouche - “latch” (disclosure ft. sam smith)
4. michel benhard - “writing’s on the wall”
5. francisco, márcia & daniel “i’m not the only one”
6. josh davis - “too good at goodbyes”
7. ben dettinger - “stay with me”
8. tyshawn colquitt - “like i can”
9. clara hurtado - “latch” (disclosure ft. sam smith)
10. joel guzman - “i’m not the only one”

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leave any suggestions for other performances in the comments.

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#thevoice #blindauditions #samsmith
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