The Other: How Negative Images & Propaganda Impact Relationships | Michael G. Fry | TEDxOakParkWomen

“the other: how conflict imagery and negative propaganda impact human relationships” illumines the connection between the hateful images and words historically created and distributed to demonize sub-groups in preparation for human rights abuses and the implicit biases we now carry into our modern-day human relationships across racial, economic, religious and cultural barriers. michael g. fry is a chicago born, emmy nominated television writer, actor and producer. in hollywood, he worked on shows such as the fresh prince of bel-air and the parent ’hood where he brought his personalized brand of comedic storytelling. while teaching in columbia college's television department, he redesigned the writing concentration curriculum and founded the internet and mobile media concentration.

after columbia, fry pioneered octane rich media's 360/vr, ar, social media, and branded entertainment. an hbo all access finalist and final draft big break semi-finalist, he decided to focus on writing full-time. winner of chicago media angels and protea films web-series contest, fry’s web-series "good genes" is due to be released this summer. currently, michael’s story based creative agency, storywurx, is working on a national suicide prevention campaign. this talk was given at a tedx event using the ted conference format but independently organized by a local community. learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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