LINK vs MARTH (Legend of Zelda & Super Smash Bros)

Live-Action Battle Between Nintendo's Top Super Smash Bros Characters.
Alternate Ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co32s...
Behind The Scenes: http://youtu.be/-sF_aq49WkY

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Link - Noel Schefflin
Marth - Lance Brazil

Produced By: Danny Shepherd, Tony Bilyeu, Noel Schefflin, Adam Zielinski
Directed By: Danny Shepherd & Jeremy Le
Cinematography By: Jeremy Le
Music Composed by: John Scigulinsky
Post Production Audio By: Jordan Mills and Colton Rybus
Editing/ VFX: Danny Shepherd
Costumes By: Shayon Nejati
Stunt Coordinator: EZ Ortega, Aaron Ortega, Lance Brazil
First AC: Rob Machado
Second AC: Tony Bilyeu
Makeup: Sam Schefflin
Grip: Geoff Tabor,
On Set Audio- Alyssa Bascon
Stunt Consultant: Gabe Ybarra
Production Assistant: Trent Decorte, Celina Hanssen

Special Thanks: Lightforge Studios & Jerry Thompson
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