Secretariat A Moment of Eternity

A tribute video for the 1973 Belmont Stakes where not only did Secretariat become the 9th Triple Crown Winner, but also engraved an indelible image upon all those who witnessed this immaculate horse. The Belmont Stakes of 1973 certainly has its wondrous memories for those who witnessed it and no amount of time will ever dull or cloud them, but for those who did not exist at the time or were too young to remember it, this event serves as a metaphor for Individuals to understand what is Noble, Ethical, and Heroic. Unfortunately I had to remove a section of this video to upload onto You-Tube. The section was near and dear to my heart for it contained video footage of Sham and audio between Anderson and Pincay. For those of you who wish to see it; be forewarned that it was an earlier version and slightly differs from this one, here is the link:
I had to reduce video resolution to achieve the under 100MB You-Tube rule. I apologize for the quality
Secretariat Belmont Stakes 1973 Existentialism Sham Individualism
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