#134 Acrylic Paint Pouring Reverse Dip Technique

acrylic paint pouring reverse dip technique -

i so love doing this technique, and these are some of my favourite colours,
thank you for taking the time to watch. the colors are violet, golden yellow, turquoise, cobalt blue, and red.

music: serenity - aakash gandhi beneath the moonlight - aaron kenny new land - aibis angels _dream - aakash gandhi side path - kevin macleod

paint consistency is determined by the technique you are creating, for instance bottle bottom and tree ring pours and string pulls need a thicker consistency. the paint should flow from the stick in a continuous stream leaving a mound on top of the paint for a brief second or two. some other techniques need a thinner consistency like dutch pour, ie: blowing paint with a hair dryer, puddle pours, flip cups, paint injecting just to name a few,.the paint should run off the stick in a continuous stream and not leave a mound on top of the paint in the cup, it disappears into the paint immediately.

my mixing recipe is paint, pouring medium and water. the ratio of pm to paint differs depending on the amount of paint. any brand of pouring medium is good and you don't need much at all. 1 part paint to 1/4 amount of pm, then add small amounts of water till you get the consistency you want, make sure you stir well, till smooth.

my sisters
thank you for all you have done for me in the past months,
teaching me can be trying sometimes i know, i thank you for your patience and guidance.

they have a lot of great ideas and knowledge and love to share with you.

here is a link to my paint recipe and tools i use

here is a link to how i varnish my art
acrylic paint pouring paint pouring with acrylics pouring paint acrylic paint pouring reverse dip technique
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