OVERWATCH: Omnileaks

Someone hacked into Overwatch headquarters and leaked every Hero's deepest darkest secrets! But which evil mastermind was it?

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Animated By Liam McKeown
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written By Eddie Bowley
Voice of Tracer, Mercy, Zarya & Sombra by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Voice of Winston, Genji, Lucio, Reaper and Winston's Bananas by Dan Gavin
Voice of Genji's Butt by James Wade
Voice of Doomfist by Warren Thomas
Music by Alex Walker Smith
Sound Design by Laura Rankin

What do you do when your computer gets hacked and your top secret secrets get leaked? You interrogate the best hacker in town and make her confess! That’s what the Overwatch crew have done, after an event they call ‘The Omnileaks’.

Overwatch: Omnileaks was written by the immensely talented Eddie Bowley, best friend of Mashed and writer of other popular videos such as Rick and Morty: The Walking Dead and Widowmaker Hates Tracer.

Omnileaks was animated by Liam McKeown, animator of a little-known video called Overwatch: No Mercy, as well as The Trial of Mei and we love him just as much as Tobi!

Overwatch: No Mercy :

Overwatch: Trial of Mei:

Overwatch: Widowmaker Hates Tracer:

Rick and Morty: The Walking Dead:

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