Mysteries of the Universe - The First Moment Of Time - Space Discovery Documentary

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In popular parlance the big bang has two meanings. First, big bang cosmology is the hypothesis that our universe has been expanding for 13.7 billion years from an extremely hot and dense primordial state-more extreme than the centre of a star or indeed anywhere now existing. This I have no quarrel with-it is established scientific fact which has been elaborated into a detailed story which narrates the expansion of the universe from an extremely uniform and dense hot plasma to the beautifully varied and complex world that is our home. We have detailed theories which pass numerous observational tests which explain the origins of all the structures we see from the elements to galaxies, stars, planets and the molecular building blocks of life itself. As in any good scientific theory there are questions still to be answered, such as the precise nature of the dark matter and dark energy which are prominent actors in the story, or the very interesting question of whether there was a very early phase of inflationary exponential expansion, but these do not suggest the basic picture could be wrong.
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