Marvel Phase 4: This Is What's Coming

MCU Phase 4 Has A Sick Movie Line Up
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Endgame rocketed out of the atmosphere and tore the roof off of fan’s expectations for the MCU. That success didn’t resolve much, because we are now clamoring for even more Marvel content after this film.

We want to take all that excitement and channel it into a video by looking at all the Marvel movies happening after phase three. We know the newest line up of heroes is kicking off with Spider-Man, but we want to get into more than just our favorite webslinger. We want to talk about what might be coming out of Wakanda. We’re going to stop by New York sanctum. Heck, we even want to explore the past. Nothing seems far fetched after the latest storyline, and that means these new galactic films are likely going to introduce some brand new faces. Yes, we are talking about The Eternals. Finally, we want to get into films that aren’t even confirmed yet. Fans just want them to happen.

All that and more here on The Binger. So get ready for everything new and interesting in Marvel’s phase four and beyond.
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