LIVE Stream with Lee Hayward - Build Muscle, Lose The Gut & Get Back In Shape

Here are the questions and time stamps from our video chat:

02:23 – My 30 Day Shred has begun and I'll be sharing my personal fat loss journey with you over the next 30 days.
05:34 – What's the best set and rep pattern for building muscle should you do 5x5 or 3 sets of 8-12 ?
10:18 – I weight 185lbs, 48 years old. I have a spare tire around the midsection but I'm quite lean everywhere else. What would you recommend to get rid of the belly fat?
17:12 – Which are the best exercises to build up the lower lats?
19:01 – How long should one lean bulk?
20:45 – Any information on the Ecdysterone?
21:20 – When are you gonna be making more recipe videos?
23:01 – When measuring food and tracking macros, should you count the weight of food before or after it's been cooked?
24:50 – How is life, how is the family?
25:44 – Why Starting Again on "Monday" is the worst thing you can do for reaching your fitness and fat loss goals.
28:41 – I'm coming to St. John's in a couple of weeks. Do you have a gym or one that you can recommend while I'm there?
30:09 – One of my best features is my behind. Is it possible to lose weight but keep my backside the same size?
32:02 – I am poor but can you help me get in really good shape?
36:59 – I want to build muscle and get stronger. I am 71 years old. Should I go with heavy weights?
41:46 – There are about 700 different calculators online for calculating macros. All of them give you different results. Is there one you recommend?
45:52 – I weigh 220lbs and I'm eating less than 2000 calories, is this good for losing weight?
49:12 - Are you still taking collagen and how is it working for you?
51:19 – Does brewers yeast really help with building muscle? How can I eat it?
53:58 – How to keep fit and stay active when traveling away from home without access to a gym.
55:53 – Is the leg press an effective substitute for squats? Squats hurt my knees and I'm looking for alternatives.
58:44 – I'm biking around 100 miles a week. What's a good supplement for endurance?
01:04:14 – What are your thoughts on a Ketogenic diet?
01:11:59 – I have a problem with deadlifts. Is there an alternative to deadlifts?
01:15:36 – I have time to workout throughout the day. For instance, can I do half of my workout in the morning and then come back to the gym later in the day to do the other half? Can I gain muscle that way or is it better to do it all in one workout?
01:19:15 – What's your opinion on a PHUL (Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower) workout?
01:24:47 – Can guys over 40 do a total body workout six days a week, or what would you recommend?
01:26:24 – I just started taking fish oil and I was wondering, what is a good amount to take a day?


Every Friday at 3:30 PM EST Lee Hayward hosts a live video chat discussing strategies and mindsets to help men build muscle, lose fat, and get back in shape.

So if you'd like to chat about your workouts, need some help with your nutrition program, or have any questions about building muscle, losing fat, injury prevention, etc... Then tune in this Friday for our live chat and we'll discuss some strategies that are right for you!

Lee will cover muscle building and fat loss tips for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. So if you have a question, be sure to tune in for the live streaming video Q & A.

And if you would like Lee Hayward to personally help you with a customized diet and fitness program so you can get in your best shape. Just send an e-mail to: [email protected]
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