Last Wish Speedrun - 22:22 - Destiny 2: Forsaken

The approved time on speedrun.com is 22:21. I kept it as 22:22 as that's when the timer stops in my recording, even if it is a second slower than our actual time.


Q: What hand cannon is being used?
A: Midnight Coup (comes from Leviathan) for most of the raid, I swap to Crimson during riven

Q: What shader is on the hand cannon?
A: Dreaming Spectrum, it comes applied to some Last Wish gear

Q: What shotgun is that?
A: Ikelos shotgun from the Warmind expansion. It's been severely nerfed since the speedrun was posted, both in terms of trench barrel and fire rate.

A couple notes about the speedrun as people seem to be commenting on a lot of the same things. No, this run isn't invalid because of more than 10% super. The rule was changed so that a super cannot be used before a rally flag. Another thing is that the timer is stopped as soon as players teleport out of heart. This is a more consistent stopping point as mission complete happens more quickly if someone uses a key to open a chest; if mission complete were the stopping point, it wouldn't be practical to speedrun more than a few times a week.

Salmon's point of view: https://youtu.be/paB8pClANWU

RyTown's PoV: https://youtu.be/x4FWxjP9tx4
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