How to study at the UOC

The UOC is an online university and students can study whenever and wherever they want. How do students study at the UOC? Right from the start, students have a schedule with the dates when they need to hand in their assignments so they can organize their time. They choose their courses bearing in mind the advice they receive from their tutor and how much time they have available.

There's a range for different resources for each course and students get personalized feedback from their instructors for each activity. The teamwork activities let them learn from their classmates and share their different points of view.

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The UOC is an online university whose mission is to cover the educational needs of people who are looking for lifelong learning. It uses everything the web has to offer so that its students can benefit from a flexible learning environment.

Studying online at the UOC means being able to learn flexibly, whenever and wherever students want! Students learn continuously and learn by doing, with a wide variety of different activities and personalized support from teaching staff.

Find out about the courses run by the UOC: bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, postgraduate courses, seminars and open courses.

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(bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, postgraduate courses, seminars and open courses):

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