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What’s up my friend thanks for checking out this step by step training on how you can copy and paste ads and make $100 - $500 a day online, even as a newbie. With this method it doesn't matter where you live, if you’re in another country besides the US, you still can follow this training and make money just to copy & paste ads. copy paste jobs.

You can just put in 30 minutes to an hour a day and you can make $100 per day, if you do 5 hours to 8 hours you will be able to make $500 per day, but only if you apply what I teach here and stay very consistent. This is a really great way on how to make money online, this is a great work at home job for anyone out there, college kids, stay at home moms, dads, and teens etc…

You can make money fast with this just copying and pasting ads.

Once you get out there and post ads or advertisements on the sites I recommend... you will start to earn money fast, back to back... it may take a little while for the snowball effect but when it happens, you will be very glad you kept at it my friend.

We are not going to post ads in Facebook groups, that’s old… I’m going to show you 2 secret websites.. And a super ninja way to post ads on craigslist for free, and get paid on other free classified ads sites.

Here is a link to some free opportunities affiliate sites to join, scripts and ads: https://jaybrown.clickfunnels.com/tha...

The Free Ad Forum: https://www.thefreeadforum.com/classi...
Free Global Classified Ads: http://www.freeglobalclassifiedads.com
Craigslist: https://craigslist.com

Hope you go out there and make 100 to 500 a day my friend!

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