How Supercarrier Aircraft Catapults Work

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A look at the steam catapults and hydraulic arresting systems that are used on Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

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Video Attributions:
All military footage by the United States Navy and Department of Defense
“Formula Rossa Achterbahn @Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi” by Lukas Meier

Still Image Attributions:
“Aircraft carrier HMS Argus in the later 1920s” by the U.S. Navy
“HMS Ark Royal h85716” by the United Kingdom Government
“Samuel Pierpont Langley catapult and houseboat 1903” by unknown
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“HMS Bermuda aircraft” by William Berwick Reid
“HMS Triumph 1950” by the U.S. Navy
“Lt. Scott Ryan inspects the jet blast deflectors” by Chad R. Erdmann
“A catapult shooter signals for the launch of an F/A-18C Hornet” by Patrick M. Bonafede
“Improved Fresnal Lens Optical Landing System (IFLOLS)” by Kris White

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