GTA V Online | Exposing Mr Wallacedesigns_ From INSTAGRAM!

Wallace you're literally fuckinng retarted to think you're crimes would go unjust bitchhh. You think it's cute to scam My bitcchh Tori out her money?? Clearly u fell on you're head at birth by default crackhead. Is this how u represent the UNITED KINGDOM with Fraudulent acts? Come over to the USA with that scamming shxt gonna surely get ya wobble body ass beat. I know ya hefty fat ass enjoyed them Mcchicken meals and small fries for you and ya family but its now time to regurgitate all you're bullshit through protocol and procedure of a Motha FXCKIN GODDESSS, how dare you inbox Me with bold intent as if the piece of lettuce ya had dangling from ya asshole isn't My sisters money you just gargled up? Yea BITCHHHHHH you dumber than Humpty Dumpty tellin Me to take the LIVE down, YOU A crackhead and everything I said I meant so jump if you feel buck but just know you'll be slapped right back down to the ground with EASE! Now everyone knows you're a SCAMMER who lives off the McDonald's dollar menu and I love it! Run My Bxtch her banner and compensation, yo final WARNING from yours TRULY,
Lil Miss Bliss 💋
Toddles bumb Biotch.
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