Gran Turismo Sport LIVE: CENLA Patriot Race

Race 1 - 9 Laps - 31:14
Race 2 - 11 Laps - 50:05
Words of Wisdom - 53:27

Are you proud to be an American? Or at least know some Americans? Maybe you know where America is on a map? Doesn't matter. All you need to know is that on the 18th birthday of 9/11, we will be pushing some Made-In-The-USA motors around the fictional Blue Moon Bay Speedway with our Bald Eagle riding shotgun, waving Old Glory and blaring the Star Spangled Banner on the loudspeakers. As we celebrate (and/or exploit) our right to bear arms, vote, and our freedom of religion, expression, and a myriad of sexualities, we will also celebrate our freedom to haul fucking ass.

As it's known across the globe, America is all about speed, hot nasty bad-ass speed (according to Eleanor Roosevelt, as quoted by Ricky Bobby). So ring that Liberty Bell, supersize those fries, forget the metric system, and grab your AR15 and a buck-o-five, because Congress is declaring war against slow drivers in the right-hand lane. Balls to the wall! Let's go! WHOooooHOOooooo!!! .....Laaaaaand of the FREEEEEEEEE, and the Hooooome of theeee Braaaaaave!

Never Forget.


2 Heats: 9 laps / 11 laps
Blue Moon Bay Speedway Infield A II

Cars allowed:
**American Themed Liveries Encouraged**

Tires [Racing Medium]
Balance of Performance [Enabled]
Tuning Settings [Disabled]

Grid [Rolling Start]
Race Conditions [Mid Day]
Boost [None]
Ghosting [Off]
Grip Reduction on Track Edge [Low]
Shortcut Penalty [Weak]
Wall Collision Penalty [On]
Sideswipe Penalty [On]
Mechanical Damage [None]


This race will consist of 2 heats with points per heat. There will be one 10 Minute Qualifying session before the first heat, with starting positions in Fastest First order. Heat 2 will be Reverse Grid Based on Previous Race Results.

1st - 25 points
2nd - 20 points
3rd - 16 points
4th - 13 points
5th - 11 points
6th - 10 points
7th - 9 points
8th - 8 points
9th - 7 points
10th - 6 points


- Nightly practice until Wednesday; look out for people posting on Facebook or make your own lobby and post about it.

- TBD: Room opens, free practice. Find the room by sorting by friends.
- 8:15 PM: Qualifying Starts
- 8:30 PM: Race start
- 8:55 PM: Race ends (estimated time)
- 9:00 PM: Fun runs with 5-minute breaks in between, as long as people want to stay


- GRID: Fastest First (Heat 1 with 10 minute Qualifying), Reverse Grid Based on Previous Race Results (Heat 2)
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