Can a Folding Phone Bend Both Ways?! - Bend Test!

does the worlds first folding phone bend both directions? the royole flexpie is the worlds first folding smartphone that you can actually buy today. so its time we see how flexible it really is. royole has been working on this super thin flexible display for quite a while. we know that samsung had some major hurdles when releasing the galaxy fold. will the same poor build quality and weak durability issues haunt the flexpie? the only way to find out is with a jerryrigeverything durability test to see what this folding phone is made from. what level does the screen scratch at? can the flexpie be squeezed and still survive? can a folding phone bend both ways? would you ever buy a folding phone?

check out this flexible oled smartwatch: https://youtu.be/yas-fbota-m

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