Anne-Kathrin Kosch wird warm ums Herz! Bei PEARL TV (November 2019) 4K UHD

In this video Vivien Konca and Anne-Kathrin Kosch show everything about Kamin.
#Tischkamin #BioEthanol

(00:00:30) Carlo Milano Fireplace: bio-ethanol deco fire, tornado flame effect, up to 60 min. Burning time (bio-ethanol fireplace)
Get an atmospheric fire ambience in your apartment
* Up to 60 minutes burning time per filling
* Twisted flame in tornado shape after approx. 3 min. Burning time
* Odorless and residue-free, without smoke, soot and ash
* Environmentally friendly operation
* Tempered glass panels
* Stable metal base
* Noble Dekokamin for operation with bio ethanol
* Stainless steel burner with safety extinguisher
* Burning cylinder volume: 250 ml Bio-Ethanol for up to 60 minutes burn time
* Twisted flame in tornado shape after about 3 minutes burn time
* Bio-ethanol burns odorless and residue-free, without smoke, soot and ash
* Tempered glass panes, 5 mm thick
* Required room size: at least 27 m² (at 2.30 m ceiling height)
* Stable metal base
* Dimensions: 20.5 x 38 x 20.5 cm, weight: 3.7 kg
* Bio-ethanol fireplace including burning cylinder, extinguishing and German instructions- Also relevant or suitable for: Retro
instead of 79,90 EUR now 39,95 EUR

(00:04:15) Carlo Milano Bioethanol: Bio-Ethanol / Bio-Alcohol f. Decorative fireplaces, 1 liter, TÜV-Süd certified (bio-alcohol)
Enjoy the atmospheric atmosphere of a real log fire
* Smoke and soot free
* Odorless and clean burning
* Bio-ethanol / bio-alcohol for decorative fireplaces
* TÜV-Süd certified
* Pure bio-ethanol
* Quality checked
* Sustainable production
* Safety checked
* Production monitored
* Smoke and soot free
* Odorless and clean burning
* Affordable environmentally friendly
* Beautiful flame picture
* Suitable for decorative fire bio-fireplaces
* Contents: 1 liter of ethanol, denatured- Also relevant or suitable for: isopropyl alcohol, bioethanol wall, fire bowls, fire bowl, table-top fireplace, table-top fire, decorative fireplace, wall-mounted fireplace, bottle, fireplace
instead of 6,95 EUR now 5,95 EUR

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