Acrylic pouring for beginners - Step by Step - Chakra colors

acrylic pouring for beginners - step by step. here i want to show you what happens before and after my videos. i'll show you how a picture is created from start to finish including all the materials used.

in the past i always used the pouring medium from one manufacturer, and the colors from other manufacturers.
but i never had a suitable recipe, sometimes i needed more water or more color or pouring medium, depending on the supplier.

meanwhile, i'm not trying around, i'm committed to a manufacturer and have been using the materials of royal talens for some time. www.royaltalens.com the products are coordinated and offer me the necessary quality. i have z. b. no cracks or other surprises after drying.

the pouring medium by talens can be found here:
https://www.royaltalens.com/en-gb/bra... (advertising)

for the acrylic paints talens offers different product lines, i use the amsterdam standard series and standard series specialties, which are qualitatively top! most colors of the standard and specialties series have a lightfastness of the colors of at least 100 years under museum conditions.

the acrylic paints of the amsterdam standard series:
https://www.royaltalens.com/en-gb/bra... (advertising)

the acrylics of the standard specialties series:
https://www.royaltalens.com/en-gb/bra... (advertising)

my recipe for the colors is quite simple, one part water, one part acrylic paint, one part pouring medium.
in order to know how much i need, i use a kitchen scale and weigh the units in grams or ounce.

to get cells, i mix in the acrylic paints a little silicone oil.

silicon oil, no matter where you buy it in the world have the same properties, only the cst value indicates how thin or viscous the respective variety is.
i use cst 400 here.

to remove air bubbles and to get more cells, i heat the picture briefly with a heat gun.

after the picture has dried, i wipe the silicone residues from the picture with wet wipes.

finally, the picture is still sealed. the colors are again beautiful. so i have no brushstrokes on the picture i use a clearcoat for spraying.

clearcoat from royal talens:
https://www.royaltalens.com/en-gb/bra... (advertising)

as you can see, there are no great magic tricks when it comes to casting acrylic, it is important to work with good materials and you will get colorful pictures that look great in years to come.

if you have any questions, then write me a comment.

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