(82) Dip technique _ How to do without Torch _ The blue flower _ No silicone _ Designer Gemma77

Today I'm going to show you what to do if you don't have a torch. First of all, why do we use the torch? Torch heat removes air bubbles and makes cells. Then, how about using a hairdryer? Hairdryers can help make cells. But the wind can move the paint. Be careful. So, what do we do to get rid of the bubbles? Try using a needle. Find the bubbles in the picture and pop them with a needle.
Now you can make great works without Torch. : )

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The color I used
Deep Yellow
Forest Green
Sky Blue
Deep Blue

My Paint Mixing Formula for Acrylic Pouring
Fluid Acrylic : Fluid medium -1:1
+ A Little Water
Liquitex Basic Acrylic : Fluid medium - 8 : 10
+ Water
(The fluid medium I used is Elmer’s Glue-All.)

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