$60/HOUR! Easy Money! 100% Legal Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage.

Here's the link for the $250 http://go.payability.com/WBK

*In order to receive the $250 sign on bonus you must become a Payability Instant Access customer. Simply clicking the link or applying for Payability does not make you eligible for the $250 sign on bonus. You must have a minimum of 90 days of sales history and an average of $2000/month in marketplace sales in order to qualify for Payability.

You can earn extra cash just by buying items at the dollar store and selling them online! This is called retail arbitrage and the purpose of this video is to introduce you to that so you can start selling on Amazon using FBA.

Learn to sell books on Amazon http://www.thebooksellersblueprint.com/

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I'm going to sell all these using Amazon FBA- that means that Amazon stores, picks, and ships the item out. All I do is buy them, prep them, UPS them to their warehouse and then reap the profit.

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